Over the last 4 years the GWC network has invested in 26 companies with a loss ratio of less than 10%. Numerous companies are progressing towards significant profitable liquidity events.


ETA Green Power
Electric motors for two stroke ICE replacement

invested   2021

Investment   £2m

Portable retinal cameras for medical and veterinary use.

invested   2020,2021

Investment   £2.5m

Moving Beans
Home compostable Nespresso compatible coffee pods.

invested   2021

Investment   £300k

Christian Meditation and messaging app.

invested   2020

Investment   £300k

TSM Systems
Marine identification and messaging system.

invested   2021

Investment   £270k

Family office and wealth management software.

invested   2021

Investment   £900k

Cyclops Marine
Technology for the next generation load sensing for sailing yachts.

invested   July 2020

Investment   £250k

Power Roll
Low cost thin film solar technology for a variety of surfaces and energy storage including super capacitors.

invested   Sept 2020, Dec 2020

Investment   £2.7m

Novel Technologies
Eco friendly antimicrobial using silver ions that can be used in a variety of fabrics and surfaces.

invested   Feb 2020

Investment   £300k

Online booking system software to improve customer engagement.

invested   May 2020

Investment   £350k

Story Terrace
An automated software platform to enable the writing and publishing of bespoke books.

invested   Sept 2019, Aug 2020

Investment   £1.8m

Distributed commerce technology for the world’s largest FMCG advertisers.

invested   Sept 2019, Dec 2020

Investment   £1.1m

The world’s lightest and strongest flexible bicycle technology for bicycles and motorbikes.

invested   May 2017, Sept 2019

Investment   £400k

Cydar Medical
Technology to integrate X-ray and CT imaging and using cloud computing and AI to provide real-time guidance for endovascular surgery in the chest, abdomen, and pelvis.

invested   Oct 2018, Mar 2019, Mar 2020

Investment   £5.9m

Sphere Fluidics
A Cambridge spinout with microfluidic technology that allows the ultra-high throughput analysis of isolated cells in miniaturised picodroplets.

invested   2018, 2019, 2020,2021

Investment   £34m

A leading Instagram influencer software platform.

invested   2018

Investment   £200k

Immune Regulation
A clinical stage biotech company, pioneering new technologies for resetting the immune system to cure inflammatory and immunological diseases.

invested   2018, 2020

Investment   £1.3m

Technology behind a revolutionary new method of mammography not using Xrays.

invested   2017, 2020

Investment   £1.5m

Vesles Water
Software behind the methodology pricing CME listed water futures.

invested   2019

Investment   £500k

An Oxford University spinout with a non invasive diagnostic for Alzheimer’s disease.

invested   2016

Investment   £300k

Intelligent pipeline monitoring systems for water mains.

invested   2016, 2017, 2020

Investment   £2m

Phico Therapeutics
Treatment of antibiotic resistant bacteria using genetically modified bacteria phages.

invested   2016, 2017, 2018, 2020

Investment   £3m

Cloud computing technology to migrate legacy apps to current operating systems.

invested   2016, 2017, 2018

Investment   £2m

Brain in Hand
mobile app that helps manage behavioral issues in individuals with autism, learning difficulties and mental health issues.

invested   2016

Investment   £300k

An Oxford university spinout developing new generation electric motors and drives for EVs.

invested   2016

Investment   £200k

Insignia Technologies
innovative labelling solutions designed to indicate the quality and freshness of goods and products

invested   2017, 2018

Investment   £200k